Healthcare Professionals with the responsibility of receiving, storing, administering and disposing of medication.

Medication administration is an essential and key area of user/patient care.

Medication can be dangerous when misused but when used effectively is a very powerful tool to alleviate symptoms and improve or prolong a persons life.

Healthcare workers are not only responsible for the safe delivery of medication but also upholding dignity, encouraging independence and respecting choices the service user/patient makes. This is an excellent refresher course for any member of the healthcare team.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify relevant legislation
  • Understand the 7’R’s of medication administration
  • Recognise common medication
  • Understand the importance of record keeping
  • Identify prescribed medication
  • Understand common errors that can occur
  • Legislation
  • The 7 rights of medication administration
  • Classification & Types of medication
  • Routes into the body
  • Maintaining records – MARs
  • Prescribing Medication
  • Types & Reasons for errors
  • Storing & Disposing of medication
  • Self-Administration & supporting independence
  • Contra indications, allergies and overdoses
  • Monitoring Dosage Systems

This face to face course gets to the heart of Medication Administration, delivering all the information students need in a high impact 3-4 hour session.

We currenlty only offer medication training on a face to face basis.

This is a specialist course and so please contact us for more information